Bible Study



Bible Classes 2014 - 2015

We have over 100 of the St. Peter's Family attending bible classes on a monthly/regular basis. All are welcomed and encouraged to join in.  If you have any questions, please contact the Church Office.

Adult Studies

Sunday Morning

Verse-by-verse study of the Bible will be meeting in the fellowship hall that is located directly down the stairs and straight through the door.  This is a study that has been ongoing, but yet is an easy one for a new person to join.  Bring your Bible or borrow one of ours.  Any questions, contact Ron Beck.

Lutheranism 101 is a study of what it means to be a Lutheran.  It covers many of the words you hear, such as redemption, justification, etc.  This is a great study for a new member wanting to know more about what Lutherans believe and why.   This study will be meeting in the lower fellowship hall outside the library.   If you have questions, contact Vicar Noah Burgdorf.

Key Bible Stories is a study that goes through the same Bible Stories as our Sunday School youth, but as adults.   For many of us, we have had these stories as kids; or for many who are new to the church, you may have not have learned them.  This is a great study that will open up these Bible Stories to you, as well as if you have children in Sunday School, you will be able to talk to them about what they learned because you learned it too.  This study will meet in the conference room on the main level just outside the sanctuary.  If you have questions, please contact Deacon Brad Thomas.

Other leaders – if you would like to lead a Bible Study or have topics that you would like to see used, please contact the Church Office.

Other Opportunities

Sunday Evening Study of the Lutheran Confessions is led by Ron Beck.  Please feel free to contact Ron for material needed.  This study meets twice a month, with information and meeting times found in the Weekly.

Sunday Evening Marriage Enrichment Study will be meeting the second Sunday of the month. We will be going through a book that is designed for the couples to read and then come together to discuss.  This gathering will begin Sunday, October 12, at 4:00 p.m. CHANGE TO START NOVEMBER 9 at 4:30pm  (Book cost is $10.99 per couple.)  Please contact Church Office with any questions!

Monday at BIGGBY Coffee located by I-696 on Gratiot.  We will once again start our week off with a verse-by-verse study of the Bible.  This will begin Monday, October 6.  The time for this is for you early risers, 6:30 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.  Questions? Please contact the Church Office.

* Tuesday Morning Lifelight Study will be going through the Minor Prophets.  This study contains the prophecies of Hosea, Obadiah. and Habakkuk.  Other prophets will also be explored, and we will see how all of these men pointed to Christ and bore witness to Him This study will begin on Tuesday, September 16.  The class will begin at 10 a.m.  Location of meeting will be conference room on main level.  If you have questions, please contact Vicar Noah Burgdorf.  The books are $8.99; if you are able to help with the cost — great, if not, we understand!

* Thursday Evening Lifelight Study will be going through Genesis.  We will be looking at sections including the Garden of Eden, the Promise of salvation to Abraham, the life of Isaac, and many other passages.This study will begin Thursday, September 18. The start time will be at 7 p.m.  Location of meeting will be conference room on main level.  If you have questions, please contact Vicar Noah Burgdorf.  The books are $8.99; if you are able to help with the cost — great, if not, we understand!


Vicar’s Study: I would like to do a book study on the book Broken by Rev. Jonathan Fisk. (If you are unfamiliar with it, here is a link to the cph page: The target audience would be 18 – 25 years or so, and I would like to meet once a week, probably Tuesday Evenings, but that could be subject to change depending on the needs of the group. With the book, there is a nine-section Study Guide that I would use to assist in guiding discussion.  Please contact Vicar at  for questions and to join the study.

New members’ gatherings:  If you are looking to join St. Peter’s, great!  Part of the process to join is to go through a study of God’s Word.  If you are interested in knowing more or to make a commitment of joining, please contact Church Office at or call 586 - 777-6300.



* Study Topics Corrected and Switched